5 Tips to get the most out of your Interior Designer

5 Tips to get the most out of your Interior Designer

You may have considered hiring an Interior Designer, but you wonder if it’s value for money. You know that they are probably competent at what they do, but will they really help the way you want them to?

Follow these 5 simple tips to make sure you get the most out of your consultation with a Designer.

1.Be Honest

I know it sounds pretty simple, but so many are timid, ashamed of their homes or clean up before the Designer arrives. Don’t do that. They are there to see how you live – the mess & all – as they may have great ideas on how to fix that. Don’t feel like a Designer is judging you for your home. People live in all different ways, & it’s your home. They are there to help you not judge you

2. Know what you want

“If I knew what I wanted I wouldn’t need a Designer”. I heard you say that in your head! I’m referring to the basics. Do you want the walls to be beige, or grey or green? Do you want blinds or curtains? The specifics are what Interior Designers help with, & you need to have a basic vision of what you want. Scroll through Pintrest, rip pages out of magazines & take photos of Display Homes. Have something to work with first – it saves a tonne of time during your consultancy & ensures you get what you want!

3. Give them a call

You can usually tell in a quick conversation if they are comfortable & confident with what you need. For example, if you are planning a full kitchen renovation, & they don’t ask if you are wanting laminate or stone bench tops, they may not know much in the kitchen field. And if you’re not sure, ask. “Are you good with curtain fabrics, do you have access to wallpaper, can you do scaled drawings of my bathroom?” Their answers should let you know if they are the one for you.

4. Research them

Most people now days have a website, Facebook page, Instagram, etc. so it’s easy to get information. Get a feel for the Designer, does their website make sense, does it show styles like your own, are there testimonials? And then don’t be afraid to ask around. People in the industry may know them & their work, so ask your local paint store, flooring shop or lighting place. However, listen to the stories carefully, their personal bias may alter your perception of a decent consultant.

5. You’re not getting married!

Just remember that it isn’t the end of the world. If you’re not happy with their advice or selections, ask them if they would be happy to revise it for you. If not, just chock it up to a learning curve & move on. You’re not married to them, you don’t have to stick with them. However I would recommend that you give them the opportunity to fix it if you aren’t happy. We’re all human & we all want it to work.


Just remember that hiring an Interior Decorator, Designer or Colour Consultant can be one of the most cost effective decisions you make when renovating & building. These are people who spend their days floating between all different elements & finishes of homes, so they know how it all fits together. It can really make a daunting project be a load of fun again.


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