Asking for help

Asking for help

Flicking through another magazine, we can’t seem to stop ourselves drooling over all the home images. They all look so perfectly styled & decorated. And then we look at our own homes….

Let’s face it, you may need more than just a Stylist to cast an eye over your Interiors to bring them up to ideal. But who do you need?

Here’s a quick breakdown of professionals to help you get the right advice for what your home requires.

Property Stylist – Works with Décor & Furniture to make your existing home look great for the house sale.

Colour Consultant – Matches colours for the interiors & exteriors to ensure they all work well in harmony. This is usually with paint, but also can include fabrics & finishes.

Interior Decorator – These people work with colours, décor, furniture & window furnishings to make a home look more appealing. These are usually still the items you can take with you when you move out.

Interior Designer – This includes all of the above, as well as being able to work layouts, move walls, recommend fixed finishes like kitchen cabinetry or flooring choices.

Building Designer – These people are trained to work with the design of the building’s structure. They can accurately determine if walls can be removed, if additions can be made to the home & work with function as well as energy efficient measures. They can also be known as Draftspersons & these people submit plans for council approval.

Architect – Architects are heavily trained to deal with the structure of buildings according to Australian codes & are registered as Architects with their Australian State board. They do similar works to Building Designers & can work more extensively on larger projects.

Builders – These are the people who can do the work. Builders can be varied, but they all need to be licenced in the state they are working in.

Important Note All of these professionals are people.

Their skills vary significantly & some can be very proficient in multiple fields that they are not specifically qualified for. For example, you may get a Builder who can draw plans for council approval, or a Colour Consultant who is also good with bathroom design. It all comes down to the individual & their personal preference & skillsets.

When choosing a professional – research them first.

Ask for references, see homes they have done, scour through their websites or ask for previous works. This way you can see what they are capable of, what their style is & if it suits you.

But most of all, make sure you are comfortable with them. These are the people who will be helping you through, what can be, a tough process.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Renovating or building can be a large job that you may not be qualified for or comfortable doing on your own.

Luckily, you don’t have to.

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