Flat Pack – Some Assembly Required

Flat Pack – Some Assembly Required

It seems no matter what you buy nowdays, there is always ‘some assembly required’. Those words alone are enough to send most of us into a state of fear & frustration.

But no fear!

Flat pack can be troublesome, but these quick tips may help you breeze through this time with ease.

Tips for flat pack items

Unpack it all

Start by unpacking ALL the pieces. Check that you have everything first, & then dispose of the packaging straight away.

If the product is damaged & a return to the store is necessary, they usually don’t require the box it came in – especially if it is already assembled.

But this is important as it clears the space. During the assembly process you don’t need to be fighting boxes, polystyrene or plastic bags. It makes the assembly cleaner & easier.

Checking the contents allows you to also get to know your pieces & possibly organise them as you unpack to make the process more seamless.

Read the instructions

I know this sounds so basic – but the majority of people skim through the instructions – like reading the last page of the book first. They don’t pay attention to the details of images, or information given in the order it needs to be done in.

Take your time

This is the most important part. Put on a television show, some good music or a podcast. Make your area a comfortable space that you are happy to spend time in while assembling.

Most people are in a hurry. They buy pieces of furniture & are desperate to have it assembled to use it. It’s best to see the assembly as part of the process – like the journey not the destination. This will allow your mind to focus on the details of the moment – not how you’re going to use if afterwards.

Assemble in location

Flat pack is usually required for larger pieces which cannot be stored or transported easily due to size or weight. This means it will be painful to move after assembled.

Assemble in the room it will live in. This will make set up much easier.

Do it right

Look at your largest piece of furniture in the room right now.

How long have you had it?

Most people don’t replace large or bulky pieces regularly, so it’s best to get it right. This will ensure that it will be as strong as required.

Left overs

‘I’ve followed the instructions but have left over pieces’

What to do – freak out!!!

No, just kidding. Take it as a courtesy. The furniture supplier has given you extra pieces just in case you lost or damaged a piece. It is quite common to have a few screws left over.

If the piece is not functioning properly & you have left over pieces, it would be best to go back through the instructions to make sure you didn’t miss a step.

At the end

Kick back & have a piece of chocolate.

You have just mastered something that many people loathe & stuff up. Enjoy your piece & decorate.

But keep the allen-key & instructions as you may need to take it apart to move it to another room or house.



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