Grey Day

Grey Day


& Grey is the new Black!

In a conversation with my partner recently I used the words ‘sexy grey’ and he almost fell over laughing. How can greys be sexy??? Well all you need to do is watch 50 Shades of Grey to see that, but for Interior Design, sexy greys have been in for quite a while now. And why? Why is grey the new black?

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My personal opinion is that we are in the new modern age of technology & industry. If you watch any old movie that portrays ‘the future’ we’re all dressed in sleek grey tailored clothing with brushed chrome finishes all around. The future looks quite monochrome according to these shows. But here we are, living in 2015 where everyone has personal wireless devices that can link them to the other side of the world in an instant, so why wouldn’t we be considered ‘the future’.

Grey is in. Our homes are definitely feeling the smooth transition to this subtle shade, both inside & out. So how do you use it in your home?



It is such a desirable look right now to paint the exteriors of your home in a warm grey & finish it off with white (or off-white) trims & window frames. The white is an ideal choice to show the depth of colour in the grey, while giving a crisp & clean finish. Modern or traditional, this look is classical, fresh & timeless.

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It’s time to make it sexy! Grey can be used to make a room fresh & open or with more depth of colour, bring it in to make it intimate & moody. There are also so many shades of grey that can be used as well to give a warm neutral undertone, or to throw blue or purple. Just check your undertones with the other finishes in the home to make sure that they match.



Greys can be a great base tone to allow other, brighter colours to pop. Or at the same time, you can keep it subtle with colours that already have a greyed tone, such as steely blues & dusky pinks. Whatever you do, add white! White will offset the dusty tones of all of these hues to make them look like a desirable colour, not just a dirty combination.

So it’s time to go timeless & let those sexy greys loose!



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