Let there be LIGHT

Let there be LIGHT

            Lighting in our homes is essential – so we can see what we are doing – & when we have the wrong type of light, it really makes a difference! So what types of lighting do we need in our homes & what difference does that make to how we use the rooms?

You should have three type of light in each room





NATURAL light is sunlight. It doesn’t have to stream in, but a fresh sunlight brightens any interior, it cleans out dust & bugs & freshens the air. This is a clean light, making the colours in the room look correct.

Natural light is also FREE! People tend to forget that artificial lighting costs in electricity & globes. Natural is best.

TASK lighting is so you can effectively use the space without tripping or running into things. This is enough illumination where you need it. For most rooms, one standard bayonet cap or a couple of downlights are enough. For kitchen bench areas or study desks, you need more planned light on your workspace. A lamp for a reading space is also TASK.

AMBIENT lighting is the mood. This is lamps or feature lighting that is all about style. This helps to change the way you use a room, or feel about a room. This is ideal when entertaining, late at night or when you’re not well. Ambient is softer & tends to give a glow.

In a good room, all of these work in harmony. It allows you to alter the space how you choose & set the mood for the room.

Planning Lighting

As lighting is mostly fixed, it is a good idea to have dimmers so you can set the level of illumination. Make sure you have sets of downlights switched separately so you don’t have to turn on all your downlights on at once, otherwise it could look like a new car showroom. Too much light can be an eyesore & bleach all the soul out of your home.

If you have higher ceilings you may want a pendant light to bring the illumination down to the living area rather than lighting the empty space above. They can also be a fantastic feature for chosen areas.

You do need to consider where you need to access the lights from, such as the right side of the door, switched to two points or bedside lamps that you turn off when in bed. This makes life a million times easier.

A few bright thoughts go a long way to making sure you love your home to the max!


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