Renovating For Sale

Renovating For Sale

Property styling is a booming business for jazzing up homes for sale. This is placing contemporary furniture & decorator items in the house to up the interest in the home & hopefully the sale value.

But what if your home needs more than just décor?

What if the interior paint colours are well-past their use-by-date & the kitchen or bathroom have seen better days?

You don’t want to do a large renovation as you are still planning on selling, so what is most important to focus on to get the best bang for your buck?

Renovating for sale can add tens of thousands of dollars to the sale of your home, but you need to be smart about where to focus your energy.

Do nothing structural.

Unless you have to, of course. If your house is stable just dated looking, keep the budget to cosmetic changes only.

Ask people who don’t live there.

You are blind to the possibilities as you live in the home. Ask a friend over, talk to your real estate agent or hire an Interior Designer for a one-off consult to give ideas on what are the best bang-for-your-buck areas to focus on. This may be a fresh, lighter coat of paint, new flooring, changing the lighting fixtures or replacing the window furnishings.

This can also be a great ‘letting go’ process as you alter the home so it isn’t ‘yours’ anymore. You can start thinking about it more as a financial decision than a personal change.

Budget – let’s crunch the numbers

It’s best not to spend more than 5% of your home valuation on the renovation. So a $300,000 house can spend up to $15,000. Of course, if there are serious structural issues, these may blow that estimate. But for a 5% value, you can do a massive amount. This won’t be replacing the whole kitchen, but painting the cabinets & changing the handles can be done. Or a large rug to hide unappealing flooring & a feature wall colour to draw your attention away. This is where someone with a bit of renovating experience can give rough pricing ideas to keep you on track.

Clean up & fix it.

So many people live with a To-Do-List that never gets done. Fixing that leaking tap, touch up paint on the door, replacing the globes & cleaning the blinds. These are really simple things you can do in a day to make a huge difference. But if you find it hard to do these things, many Handyman business are happy to run through the list for you – which may be more cost effective than stressing about it!

And then… Decorate.

This is styling it for sale. Removing the old furniture & décor, adding fresh new items. This process may change the layout of your furniture from how you have always had it but make a massive difference to the way the room works. If you need more styling hints on this see the blog post –

The overall change may be invigorating & really get you excited about not only the extra profit at the sale, but also how you can decorate your new home. The new decorator items could set the stage for your life moving forward -as well as the extra profit at sale!


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