Specialty Finishes ~ Painting with Style

Specialty Finishes ~ Painting with Style

Are you wanting to paint something special at home but not sure how to make it look ‘special’? It may be a feature wall, pots for by the front door or a hand-me-down piece of furniture that has seen better days, all of these areas can be revived with something a bit special.

There are a few ranges of paint products on the market that can give amazing finishes from being able to make a plastic pot look rusted, giving that old chair a ‘shabby-chic’ beat around the edges look, or a metallic feature wall to highlight your fireplace. And these finishes are available in your local area!

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What do you want??

Its best to first get ideas, so scour through design magazines or Pintrest to see what’s out there. Also looking up the websites of suppliers such as Porters Paints or Murobond are a great way to see what can be done & what you could achieve. Let’s say that you want to paint an exterior wall in your entertaining area. The Murobond Bridge Paint is a range of metallics that look like a metal finish & is available in multiple colours. You could use the Liquid Iron Black with rust from Porters Paints to give that ever-changing rustic look. Or use FX Australia’s Lime Stucco Exterior paint for that classic Venetian abode. Whatever your style, there is a paint that could cover your possibly unattractive surfaces to make an instant statement for your entertainment area.

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What to do next?

Once you’ve decided on your desired look, read up about the product. All of them give detailed steps of how to apply & what undercoats or finishing waxes may need to be used. Some are easy, slap-it-on styles of paint (sometimes the messier the better!), but others require meticulous attention to the details. This is where you can decide if it’s a project for you, or time to hire a painter. Some painters are well versed in different painting techniques but you need to find these special tradies as they can be few & far between. It would be best to ask the paint supplier if they could recommend any tradesmen to complete the job. And then comes the quoting stage. Be aware that specialty finishes come with a price tag as they usually take more work to complete, but don’t be afraid to ask multiple painters for quotes as some may be over-quoting the project a bit too much. They will then need to warranty the finish for you so if you are unhappy they may need to redo it for you. But be careful!! Some finishes are a chemical reaction that can alter due to many, many factors such as humidity, rainfall, pets, salt water (if near a pool) or cooking oils if near a BBQ. So you will need to understand that the finish may vary from the original sample & it may be best to get the painter to do a test patch first to ensure that you are happy with the result.

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DIY Queen!  Give it a go!

Are you thinking about doing it yourself?? I love having a hands on project on the go at all times. The sense of satisfaction that you get from doing a project yourself is second to none! And when it comes to a family heirloom or an old item of personal significance, your hands are the only ones that can do the job. Once again, read the instructions. Porters Paints even has YouTube classes of products being used on items & how to achieve the best results. The more education about the product, the more you will understand how to apply it to get that look you wanted. After that, the fun starts! You never really know how a project will look until you get going, & take your time (unless the instructions say so). Some of the products, especially the ones that involve chemical reactions can be amazing to watch & a fun process.    And then…   I LOVE IT…  you get your finished product, with the satisfaction of knowing that you did it all & had fun!

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Oops! I’m not sure I like it.

If the finished product isn’t quite to your style, don’t stress! It’s only paint! Most paint finishes can be sanded back, undercoated & recoated with another finish. It’s rare that there is a wax top coat that resists change but you can usually tell if you’re happy before that top coat goes on. And at least once you know what you don’t like about it, you usually have a clue on what you want to do instead, & then the next project starts!

So, from a crackle paint for an old wardrobe, a pearl finish on that feature wall or an aged metal look for your shed stools, there’s a fun project for every weekend. It means your home can be full of beautiful, special items that are perfect for you & you can’t just buy them in a store!


Images from Porters.com, Murobond.com.au & FXAustralia.com.au

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