The Hamptons Style

The Hamptons Style

If there is one style that my clients keep asking for lately it’s definitely ‘The Hamptons’ look. Geographically, “The Hamptons” are an area on Long Island near New York. This is a very wealthy, seaside location that has drawn many of the rich & famous for exclusive parties & the beachy way of life. The houses in this area are among the most expensive in the United States, & they have coined the overall style we know as ‘The Hamptons look’. This consists of a classical, but simple beach way of life that looks airy & soft as well as understatingly sophisticated.

Colours ~

The colour palette for the Hamptons keeps with the off-whites, neutrals & nautical blues of the beach. In keeping with the softness of the seaside, the tones are typically lighter, with relaxed blues, linen-grey browns & white, white, white. These rooms look best with slight off white tones like Bristol Stone Cream, Dulux Natural White or White Exchange Half. These whites give a flow of colour rather than a sharp edge from crisp whites like a modern design. The Hamptons are all about a breezy relaxation & easy transition of colours. When adding colour, keep with the natural tones of the beach, with blues like Bristol Duck Egg blue or Taubmans Grey Dawn, or natural/neutral hues such as Dulux Beige Royal or Taubmans Quill. But it’s best to keep it simple, no bold feature walls or strong statements. Allow the overall theme to be the feature.

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Finishes ~

If you’re renovating a bathroom or kitchen to give it ‘The Hamptons’ vibe, then keep your finishes natural & simplistic. A wood washed timber benchtop or a greyed marble would be the best options to keep with the soft palette while adding texture. If you wanted a little more drama, then a black stone benchtop can be added. This tends to look best if the flooring is a dark timber finish. Off-white cabinetry with a simple squared door profile tends to lean more to the Hamptons rather than a more decorative door profile which is a French Provincial style. Glass panels on the doors can give that openness feeling of the beach. But elegant simplicity is key. There’s no need for a feature splashback tile or bold artwork. Keep it sophisticated, simple & light. Let the feeling of the whole room breathe the life of the style.

Textures ~

As you’re styling for the beach feeling, textures in small amounts mean a lot. Have linen fabric on your furniture rather than leather or micro-suede to give that breathability. Add a woven rug in natural colours & fibres, rustic timber furniture that is a bleached colour is ideal. Wicker, rattan or weathered timbers will all look good as long as they have muted neutral tones. Painted timber panelling is common as long as it runs vertically. This shiplap look definitely sits with the beachside elegance of a Hampton’s home.

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Lighting ~

Keep it soft. Natural, indirect light is the best, with relaxed, flowy drapes gracing the windows to diffuse the sunlight. Rather than downlights, it’s best to have pendant lights with linen, glass or wrought iron shades. This is one area that you can have a bit of fun, with something that is vintage & rustic. Just keep in mind to make it sophisticated rather than outback rustic.

Decorate ~

Decorate with softness. Add cushions either with a natural texture or a subtle colour. In the bathroom, make it thick white towels, & add some comfort with scented candles & beachy items like shells. For the kitchen, white crockery, wine glasses on display or a couple of blue tinted bottles to add some colour. Also, attractive timber chopping boards or a timber tea tray can add that touch of colour & class. Artwork needs to be understated to allow the view to the beach (when you live in the Hamptons) to be the focus.


Overall the feeling is like a beachside holiday house. Minimalistic but stylishly assembled to feel like it is a home, at least for a time. And this can be achieved in your home, even if your views don’t reflect the same seaside scapes, there is always a way to add a little ‘holiday’ to your everyday life.

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