Unseen Interior Design

Unseen Interior Design

The most important parts of Interior Design are NOT what you can see.

Take that in for a moment….

Magazine spreads, websites, TV shows. Interior Designing is a very visual field, full of colour & décor. The pictures say a thousand words of style & personality, & we can know at the first glance if we like a room of not.

But just like with clothing, you can love it on the rack & hate it on your body.

Houses are to be lived in. They are to be felt, smelt, touched & tasted.

We’ve all walked into a stunning room, like a new showroom but didn’t feel comfortable. That is because although our eyes like the look, our other senses are screaming at us.

Smells rings bells

The scent of a freshly baked cake, cut flowers, a roast lamb dinner. We’re all salivating now at the thought & are remembering the feeling of being around the dinner table. That is what home is.

Likewise, new plastic, burning rubber & harsh disinfectants give a different feeling & memories that are not consistent with our homes.

Consider what your home smells like. Is it appealing? Does it bring forth nice feelings & warm memories?

Homely Soundtrack

There’s a theory that we are derived from nature, we’re designed to not close our ears & are continually taking in the bird calls around us to be assured our environment is safe. When the birds stop calling, there is danger. Now days we shut ourselves into air-con controlled rooms far away from nature, & our anxiety levels are higher than ever… coincidence??

Whether it is the tv going in the background, the sound of the dog panting or the kids playing, our homes have a soundtrack. This lets us know our environment & family are safe. If there is a squealing noise from a fixture, fix it. A dull humming, silence it. You may be amazed on how much it was affecting you.

T-t-t-t-t-touch me

Nothing beats a warm hug from a loved one. Wrap yourself in life & really feel it.

We’ve all had that gorgeous pair of pants which feel horrible, & lets face it, you don’t wear then no matter how good you look. Our homes are the same. Have a comfortable bed. Use soft towels. Have plush carpet, smooth bench tops, curved edges, textured wallpaper & fluffy cushions. Feel your home. These are loving boxes we have so many happy moments in, adding texture gives interest, dimension & helps to dull the echoing noise of our everyday lives.

Try before you buy

All of this means that it matters much, much more how something feels to you than how it looks.

So when you are planning a home renovation or makeover, close your eyes… try out your new sofa, grab hold of kitchen handles before you purchase, smell the timber table, run your fingers through the carpet samples & wrap yourself in that throw rug. Guaranteed, you’ll see it in a different light.



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