What is Contemporary Design?

What is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary is a design word that is thrown around a lot, but what does it mean?

Contemporary Style & Modern are two styles that are commonly thought to be the same, but are very different. Contemporary is what is in vogue right now. It is a fluid style as it is a mixture of what is in fashion. The term was used quite commonly during the 90’s which was when Modern was prominent – explaining the confusion!

Modern is straight lines, open spaces, glossy surfaces with a minimalist look.

Whereas currently in 2017, Contemporary has rounded edges from Art Deco & Scandinavian, a softer colour palette from the Scandi & French Provincial styles, the class of The Hamptons, as well as hardy finishes & rustic textures from Industrial.

Scandi design shows a light, airy feeling with furniture that have higher legs, pops of soft colour & textured rugs or throws. Industrial has beat-around the edges textures, vintage signage & strong metal frames. The Hamptons style is elegance with sophisticated neutral colour palettes teamed with well made & maintained classical pieces. French Provincial is a softer design with shabby-chic furniture, large metal framed clocks & weathered timbers. And Art Deco is quite a geometric designer look which has contrast to give emphasis.

With Contemporary it is pretty easy to shop for as it is what is in the store at the moment. However at lot of people have trouble collating the Contemporary style as it can look eclectic, mismatched & cluttered. This is where you have to use design elements & colour matching knowledge to pull it together.

Get the look –

  • Shop trend stores for what’s in now
  • Get to know the other styles so you can effectively mix & match
  • Balance the elements with colour or finishes. If you have timber in one area, match it with another across the room for balance
  • Ensure that you think about texture & pattern as well as colour.
  • Play with decorator items. It’s hard to be Contemporary with the fixed elements your home. Have a simple overall style for your home & add Contemporary items to it.

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